Twitter Tries to be Instagram, and Fails

According to the latest post featured on The Verge website, along with other large publications such at the NY Times and The Washington Post, Twitter is trying very hard to grasp the 100,000 user success of Instagram, but is missing the point. Twitter announced yesterday that it would be adding 8 new photo filters to […]

Pinterest Joins the Social Media Marketing Party

Pinterest Launches Business Pages to Get Cozy With Brands This week, Pinterest announced that it would be joining the social media marketing game and begin to transform it’s social platform into a tool for businesses. Though still in the beginning stages, it’s obvious that Pinterest is ready to join the big kids table of Facebook […]

The Next Big Thing…Again

The book Entertainment and Society by Sayre and King mentions an example that soon you won’t need to upload photos to Facebook as they’ll automatically send to your email contacts. According to Charlene Li at Forrester Research, future social networks “will be like air. They will be anywhere and everywhere we need and want them to […]

The Primetime of Social Media

How many times have you posted something you thought to be brilliant on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to receive no recognition at all? Leaving you wondering, “maybe I’m not as hilarious as I thought…”   Luckily it may have nothing to do with you at all. According to, there are premium times you should […]