Gangnam Style in the Attention Economy

Many media theorists argue that we exist in an abundant world of information which creates a competition for our attention, according to Entertainment and Society by Sayre and King. It is estimated that a new website is created and  72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. With the overwhelming amount of content put […]

Branded Storytelling in Invisible Children

I recently read an article titled “7 Reasons Why Storytelling is Important in Branding” and was fixated on the point that stories can motivate an audience toward a goal. This quickly reminded me of the Invisible Children movement and how its branding effectively charged people towards their goal. Though this wasn’t a marketing campaign (though some would […]

Joe the Plumber: the Infamous Persona

Anyone remember the infamous ‘Joe the Plumber’ from the 2008 presidential campaign? Somehow what started as a simple persona turned into a new level of stardom for the average American citizen. There have even been reports that Joe plans on running for Congress in the next election. What’s funny about this situation is that Joe […]

The Primetime of Social Media

How many times have you posted something you thought to be brilliant on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to receive no recognition at all? Leaving you wondering, “maybe I’m not as hilarious as I thought…”   Luckily it may have nothing to do with you at all. According to, there are premium times you should […]