Twitter & the CSUF Lockdown

Yesterday, the Cal State Fullerton campus was on lockdown for almost 6 hours as police and SWOT teams searched the campus for 2 robbery suspects that used the campus as a hiding place. The entire fiasco was incredibly mortifying, as I’m sure you watched through the hours of news coverage following the events, however the night culminated without a climax. Unless you were on Twitter.

One random Los Angeles male named Marquise, known by his Twitter handle @FiveStartheG, took to the social media platform to identify himself as the robber hiding inside the school, essentially “live-tweeting the events as the culprit”.


What’s funny is that even though I was entirely skeptical of this Twitter account from the start, there still was a part of me that hated him and believed he could have something to do with it. Even though he made it clear that he had no part in the crimes and was live Tweeting for attention, and his voice is obviously protected by the first amendment, it still felt wrong.

Wrong in the sense that it felt like a sick, cruel joke. Wrong in the sense that I was worrying about my friends that were stuck in the building, afraid that the culprit might crack because he has no concern for human life, and his Tweets were just egging the whole thing on. And though the First Amendment protects free speech on social media, confusing matters in a crime should still have some sort of punishment.

Taking away all those followers he gained on his fake marketing ploy would be a start.


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