Twitter Tries to be Instagram, and Fails

According to the latest post featured on The Verge website, along with other large publications such at the NY Times and The Washington Post, Twitter is trying very hard to grasp the 100,000 user success of Instagram, but is missing the point.

twitter filters

Twitter announced yesterday that it would be adding 8 new photo filters to their picture capabilities so people can saturate and contrast photos to their heart’s desire. This announcement came at a perfect time, as Instagram recently closed the deal with their Twitter cards that allowed Instagram photos to be viewed directly through the Twitter website. Twitter hopes that its users will use their own photo editing capabilities and skip the Instagram step altogether, as shown by their identical filter creations.

But what Twitter is not understanding is the reason people use Instagram in the first place. It is not about the fact that you over-edit all your pictures to look nothing like the original. It’s the fact that the pictures are enough to tell the story without text. In the sense that pictures are worth 1000 words, people use their Instagram to tell their life story through images.

Facebook is for rants. Twitter is for snippets of everyday life. And Instagram is for pictures. There’s a system in place for a reason, let’s keep it that way.


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