Android Maps Take the Lead vs iPhone



Ever wanted to travel to Europe to take a stroll around Big Ben? Or jet over to Paris to stare at the Eiffel Tower? Sure you might not have thousands of dollars saved up for a quick trip to paradise, but if you have an Android phone it’s as good as a plane ticket.

And yes, I said Android. Not the almighty iPhone that solves all problems and turns water into gold. In the never-ending battle between Android and Apple, one divorce of partnerships has made the race just a little closer. And that divorced wife is Google, who recently left the Apple dynasty to exclusively feature their maps on Android devices.

Not only that, they’ve upped their ante x100 and made their maps into a 3d experience that could rival a high-graphiced video game. As if Google didn’t already rule the world with their street view options and Google Earth, now they’ve made their maps into more of an interactive experience.

Sorry Apple, but this is a huge loss for you.


3 thoughts on “Android Maps Take the Lead vs iPhone

  1. Then tell me why Android is trying to knock Apple off their high horse targeting them in all their advertisements. Or why iPhones are the most well-known in pop culture. They might have the sales but the Apple brand is much stronger.

  2. That’s a very US-centric view, and in that context you are right. The Apple brand is stronger here, which is exactly why Google is looking to strengthen its own. But as far as overall market leadership, Apple is far behind Android, and I don’t mean just sales. Apple is seen more as a niche brand in the world smartphone scene than the mainstream that it is here.

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