How to Rule the World of Instagram


Instagram now has over 100,000 users to date, and it continues to grow every day. To ignore the platform as “just another social media fad” is pointless at this point, so might as well start to learn the tricks and trades.

Which is exactly what Neil Patel was thinking in a recent article on entitled “The Science of Instagram: How to Get More Followers and Likes”. And I have to say, after only a few days of testing out these tips, I found them to be very helpful. Some of the most effective tips were:

  • Connect your Facebook to your Twitter
  • Use popular tags such as instadaily and instagood
  • Like other peoples pictures to get more likes
  • Post at the right times – duh
  • Combine your images
  • Be personal

Another huge thing is taking your Instagram off private. If people can’t search your photos they can’t like them either. Try a few of these tips out, and you’ll be surprised how much your following on Twitter grows.


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