Pinterest Joins the Social Media Marketing Party

Pinterest Launches Business Pages to Get Cozy With Brands

This week, Pinterest announced that it would be joining the social media marketing game and begin to transform it’s social platform into a tool for businesses. Though still in the beginning stages, it’s obvious that Pinterest is ready to join the big kids table of Facebook and Twitter that have gone far beyond the traditional personal conversation aspect of social media.

While the business pages do not look any different, and only offer a few key features such as registering as your company name and being able to embed pins/boards on third party sites, the site is making it perfectly clear that they plan to expand and join the social media marketing powerhouses that are taking over the business.

As many businesses have already been utilizing the reach of the photo sharing website, this is an obvious step for the Pinterest corporation as they start to expand and grow. Pinterest, along with Instagram, are the up-and-coming social media platforms that must be utilized while they are still hot. And as we all know from the history of sites like Myspace, you won’t be hot forever so you gotta take what you can get!


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