Do The Campaigns Even Matter?

With the recent chaos over the 2012 presidential election, I had an interesting thought about persuasion and politics. Most people are proclaimed democrats or republicans and will obey this existing attitude to any length, even make a bad choice, because of their ego. People have a tendency to worry about consistency, and will make decisions to appear consistent with other choices they’ve made in their lives.

Don’t want to get too political, but I have some republican friends that have admitted they do not like or agree with Mitt Romney, but voted for him because he is their republican candidate and they must support their political party.

So if persuasion theories say that our opinions are based

on how we’re involved with the issues, doesn’t that mean we’re doomed to repeat the same cycle every presidential campaign? The republican candidate appeals to

the rich, individualistic and advantaged and the democratic candidate appeals to the idealistic, righteous working class. And as stubborn and proud people, we will continue to make decisions that appear consistent with the rest of our life choices. Republicans will vote for republicans and democrats will vote for democrats. As for the undecided, they only account for about %17 of voters which is helpful but nowhere near powerful.

Which means our presidential choice will consistently be based on the number of voting republicans and democrats in the election, not the issues or campaigns. It was never about telling voters WHO to vote for, but telling WHICH voters to come out and vote.

The question isn’t how do we change our patterns it’s do we want to?


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