Media Overload

No longer can a group of people sit together in a room without being connected to technology. You sit around the T.V. with your family and one of more members are on a computer/iPad/etc. Go out with your friends for food and at least half the time you can find someone roaming through Facebook or posting a picture of their food on Instagram. Why is it that our society can longer just enjoy the moment that they’re in without having to recreate the current moment through multiple digital platforms?

I’m just as guilty as the next, but when you sit back and think about how reliant our culture has become on different digital platforms it’s pretty sad. Popular media theories state “the world has become a digital playground” where half of the adventure for the day lies on the internet. And an event does not exist until it is on the Internet. Try and think of an entire day where you went out into the world and did not use your phone to post, tweet, or share a part of your experiences. For most of us, it’s a small amount.

We are now the creators, the distributors and the consumers. We post our opinions on our blogs, we share comments on articles, we distribute through reposting and we consume through our dozens of social media platforms. Media is around us everyday everywhere and has definitely reached a point of overload.


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