Joe the Plumber: the Infamous Persona

The infamous Joe the Plumber.

Anyone remember the infamous ‘Joe the Plumber’ from the 2008 presidential campaign? Somehow what started as a simple persona turned into a new level of stardom for the average American citizen. There have even been reports that Joe plans on running for Congress in the next election.

What’s funny about this situation is that Joe was simply a ploy in the campaign to try and gain your vote. Though he is obviously a real person, he was not used in countless campaign speeches because of his popularity. It was because he was the perfect persona for McCain’s campaign.

His life was the life of a target audience in the campaign.  What he liked, loved and believed was probably the same as hundreds of thousands other voters out there, and to reach them meant to reach Joe. So Joe became the target.

To say this is a huge factor in marketing in an understatement.

To reach a market, you need to know the market. Don’t just create a campaign, figure out who to target your campaign to.

Spending extra time researching will save you much more time failing.


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