The Primetime of Social Media

Just like primetime television there are specific times you should be posting to reach your audience.

How many times have you posted something you thought to be brilliant on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to receive no recognition at all? Leaving you wondering, “maybe I’m not as hilarious as I thought…”


Luckily it may have nothing to do with you at all. According to, there are premium times you should be posting your “brilliant” thoughts in order to receive the ‘likes’ and retweets you deserve. And for marketers using social media to further their business, this information is as important as knowing the primetime spot on nightly television.


Now these times aren’t exactly a “revelation” of information, as if we didn’t know that people don’t spend their entire weekend on the Internet. But it should definitely be an eye-opener. If you’re creating remarkable content for your brand but no one is there to see it, might as well not be creating at all. Consumption is just as important as content, and vice versa.

So the next time you think of that witty status update, classic meme or fascinating marking tip check to make sure its between the premium viewing hours. Chances are it’ll be worth the wait.


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