Twitter & the CSUF Lockdown

Yesterday, the Cal State Fullerton campus was on lockdown for almost 6 hours as police and SWOT teams searched the campus for 2 robbery suspects that used the campus as a hiding place. The entire fiasco was incredibly mortifying, as I’m sure you watched through the hours of news coverage following the events, however the night culminated without a climax. Unless you were on Twitter.

One random Los Angeles male named Marquise, known by his Twitter handle @FiveStartheG, took to the social media platform to identify himself as the robber hiding inside the school, essentially “live-tweeting the events as the culprit”.


What’s funny is that even though I was entirely skeptical of this Twitter account from the start, there still was a part of me that hated him and believed he could have something to do with it. Even though he made it clear that he had no part in the crimes and was live Tweeting for attention, and his voice is obviously protected by the first amendment, it still felt wrong.

Wrong in the sense that it felt like a sick, cruel joke. Wrong in the sense that I was worrying about my friends that were stuck in the building, afraid that the culprit might crack because he has no concern for human life, and his Tweets were just egging the whole thing on. And though the First Amendment protects free speech on social media, confusing matters in a crime should still have some sort of punishment.

Taking away all those followers he gained on his fake marketing ploy would be a start.


The Hobbit is Coming…

And to get everyone ready, I thought I would post this delightful video I found to capture the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Although I am a fan, have read the books, and saw all midnight showings, I’m pretty confident this video sums everything up.

And I’m sure the Hobbit trilogy will be just as amazing and full of walking 🙂

Android Maps Take the Lead vs iPhone



Ever wanted to travel to Europe to take a stroll around Big Ben? Or jet over to Paris to stare at the Eiffel Tower? Sure you might not have thousands of dollars saved up for a quick trip to paradise, but if you have an Android phone it’s as good as a plane ticket.

And yes, I said Android. Not the almighty iPhone that solves all problems and turns water into gold. In the never-ending battle between Android and Apple, one divorce of partnerships has made the race just a little closer. And that divorced wife is Google, who recently left the Apple dynasty to exclusively feature their maps on Android devices.

Not only that, they’ve upped their ante x100 and made their maps into a 3d experience that could rival a high-graphiced video game. As if Google didn’t already rule the world with their street view options and Google Earth, now they’ve made their maps into more of an interactive experience.

Sorry Apple, but this is a huge loss for you.

Twitter Tries to be Instagram, and Fails

According to the latest post featured on The Verge website, along with other large publications such at the NY Times and The Washington Post, Twitter is trying very hard to grasp the 100,000 user success of Instagram, but is missing the point.

twitter filters

Twitter announced yesterday that it would be adding 8 new photo filters to their picture capabilities so people can saturate and contrast photos to their heart’s desire. This announcement came at a perfect time, as Instagram recently closed the deal with their Twitter cards that allowed Instagram photos to be viewed directly through the Twitter website. Twitter hopes that its users will use their own photo editing capabilities and skip the Instagram step altogether, as shown by their identical filter creations.

But what Twitter is not understanding is the reason people use Instagram in the first place. It is not about the fact that you over-edit all your pictures to look nothing like the original. It’s the fact that the pictures are enough to tell the story without text. In the sense that pictures are worth 1000 words, people use their Instagram to tell their life story through images.

Facebook is for rants. Twitter is for snippets of everyday life. And Instagram is for pictures. There’s a system in place for a reason, let’s keep it that way.

Time to Grow a Pair

I recently read an article that really drew me in because of the title.

“Your 2013 Social Media Strategy: Grow a Pair.”

Not only did it catch my attention for obvious reasons, but I made the connection before I even read the article. If I’ve learned one thing over the course of this social media marketing course, it’s think social media is like no other form of traditional media before it and cannot be taken lightly. It is a force to be reckoned with and, if done correctly, could shape an entire business.


As I prepare to embark into the business world, I take with me the knowledge of how to embrace these new tools in front of me and use them to my advantage. Understanding the magnitude of such tools, and figuring out how to use them for marketing purposes is one of my greatest achievements in graduate school. And I can’t wait to start using them towards my future success.

How to Rule the World of Instagram


Instagram now has over 100,000 users to date, and it continues to grow every day. To ignore the platform as “just another social media fad” is pointless at this point, so might as well start to learn the tricks and trades.

Which is exactly what Neil Patel was thinking in a recent article on entitled “The Science of Instagram: How to Get More Followers and Likes”. And I have to say, after only a few days of testing out these tips, I found them to be very helpful. Some of the most effective tips were:

  • Connect your Facebook to your Twitter
  • Use popular tags such as instadaily and instagood
  • Like other peoples pictures to get more likes
  • Post at the right times – duh
  • Combine your images
  • Be personal

Another huge thing is taking your Instagram off private. If people can’t search your photos they can’t like them either. Try a few of these tips out, and you’ll be surprised how much your following on Twitter grows.

Pinterest Joins the Social Media Marketing Party

Pinterest Launches Business Pages to Get Cozy With Brands

This week, Pinterest announced that it would be joining the social media marketing game and begin to transform it’s social platform into a tool for businesses. Though still in the beginning stages, it’s obvious that Pinterest is ready to join the big kids table of Facebook and Twitter that have gone far beyond the traditional personal conversation aspect of social media.

While the business pages do not look any different, and only offer a few key features such as registering as your company name and being able to embed pins/boards on third party sites, the site is making it perfectly clear that they plan to expand and join the social media marketing powerhouses that are taking over the business.

As many businesses have already been utilizing the reach of the photo sharing website, this is an obvious step for the Pinterest corporation as they start to expand and grow. Pinterest, along with Instagram, are the up-and-coming social media platforms that must be utilized while they are still hot. And as we all know from the history of sites like Myspace, you won’t be hot forever so you gotta take what you can get!

Black Friday Madness



As the advertisements start to prepare for the chaos that is Black Friday, I start to prepare my list to join the ranks of everyone else in the midnight lines. And though I do  not enjoy the masses of people crouched together in hot shopping malls or discount superstores, I do love me some good deals.

If you need some help on your strategy, or have never been before, here are a few tips to keep you from getting trampled:

-Decide if you even need to leave the house- sometimes online deals are way better to begin with, and save you all the trouble

-Know how much things should cost- so you know that this “amazing” deal really isn’t only a couple dollars off

-Map out a path in advance

-If you shop online, do your research

-Be nice-dont forget that the world isn’t going to end if you don’t buy that last discount DVD

Good luck!

Disneyland Holidays 2012


Disneyland kicked off their holiday season with a bang this year, officially lighting the Small World ride and theme park full of lights today. And I got to see the first hand account working as a special events coordinator for the event.

Above are just a few of the pictures I took, as Disneyland started their yearly tradition of millions of lights and decorations bringing in the end of the year. The lighting ceremony included a chosen military family that was hand selected to “flip the switch” to the lights on it’s a small world.

Pictures not enough? Come out and see the decor for yourself! I guarantee it will be better than you ever dreamed Christmas would be.